Sephora Virtual Artist

Sephora Virtual Artist

It can be said that Sephora is one of the leading makeup companies that dictates trends around the world. This time, Sephora, tried to keep up with the trends by launching the Sephora Virtual Assistant App that gives customers the best 3D experience.

If you are wondering what exactly it’s all about, this is how it works: you can install this app on your mobile phone or you can try the web version. If you have doubts about makeup and how it works for you, this application gives you the best. You can try products instantly, on eyes, lips and cheeks. This option is called Product Try-On.


The next option is Looks. Sephora experts created special looks just for you, and you can try them and get inspired anytime you want, just use the app and magic will happen.

The last one, and the most interesting, is App Exclusives. Here you can learn more about features exclusive to the app. For example, you can use virtual tutorials to learn new techniques. Step-by-step, you are led through tutorials customized to your own face.

 In addition, you can snap a photo to find a shade to match for any outfit or accessory. Here you can find a virtual arm that switches hundreds of eyeshadow palettes to compare shades instantly.

So, if you are a rookie that recently started to explore the wonderful world of makeup, this app is a perfect solution for you. It gives you direction in almost everything you can ever imagine with real examples, great tutorials, and wonderful virtual experience. Install it and start your ride!

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